Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Giving an honest effort while exhibiting no devotion
A daily routine robotically going through the motion
Management continues to play me like they hit record
Finding new ways to push my buttons like this computer keyboard
Back to business as usual
I cant show up late to my own funeral
Life is supposed to be beautiful
You don’t deserve to be in a box crunching numerals
Tearing apart dirty cuticles
We were meant to rule and think outside our cubicles
My spirit has been officially destroyed, I’m really annoyed
How can I be this overeducated and still be underemployed?
My shift is not even up yet but I have already clocked out
Physically and mentally for all of this I just should have dropped out
Everyday growing more miserable
These walls are caving in a personal hell for an individual
Counting down the hours this is not a career path
Clock is ticking feeling hopeless seeing each year pass
I’ve written my notice but I cant deliver the letter
A cubby hole until retirement I deserve better
Prioritizing greed over human need and you only get a fraction
Big wigs cash in feeding off the distraction
They want you to be a slow thinker instead of fast learner, put education on the back burner
Planting the seed that you will always be some office plant worker
While everyone takes the elevator I’m forced to take the stairs
Instead of pursuing my dreams I’m just helping someone achieve theres
I don’t want a hand out but why I can’t receive acknowledgements
Not getting noticed for any of my accomplishments
It was hell trying to stand out for these grants and these scholarships
Maximum effort for minimum pay is un-common sense
Maybe one day, I have to escape someway
Until then I’m racking up these penalties from drawing off my 401 K
Have to vent, that if your not in the top percent
There’s no way anyone should work 40 hours a week and not be able to make the rent
Why should I have to apologize
For giving it the old college try
Never seeing dollar signs
Underpaid because Im overqualified
I was forced to swallow pride and compromise
Out here to suffer this is where dreams go to die
Im impatient, for these day shifts, Until I wake up from the matrix
They gave me a shovel to dig my own grave with

-Caleb Harris